A student who achieves a certain knowledge through
free investigation and spontaneous effort will later be able to retain it;
he will have acquired a methodology that can serve him for the rest of life . . .
-- Piaget, To Understand Is To Invent
Course: Physics
Instructor: Mr. Joseph Skubis
E-Mail: HSTChemistry@gmail.com

Time:............Class (4220-1) - Period ..1.. Lab - Period ..2 (Monday)

Required Text: PHYSICS
Other Required Materials:
1) a large (150 - 180 page) notebook
(for science only)
2) sturdy folder or 3-ring binder
3) scientific calculator (Sharp is preferred)
see CALCULATORS note under Preparedness
4) Internet access
5) Pens and/or pencils (Black or Blue Only)

Format: Lecture, discussions, simulations, lab experiments, inquiry-learning, computers, strategic reading.

The guiding principle of this course is that, to fully understand the topics presented, students must be active learners in every sense of the word. This means that a considerable amount of time outside of class will have to be devoted to reading relevant material, thinking about its implications, and then doing something with the information.