Sleeping Assignment
School is a place of learning, not sleeping. I cannot stress enough the importance of active participation in Physics. However, I will also not allow your inattention to disrupt my teaching or the learning of your fellow classmates.

If you are observed with your head down for a period of time not less than 5 minutes understand that this is completely unacceptable. Because what is happening in class is apparently unimportant to you, but also knowing that I cannot in good conscience allow you to do nothing in class, I have imposed the following assignment.

Obtain a textbook from the pile on the heater. Have a seat in the back of the room at the center table. Beginning with chapter 1, copy the text onto paper to be turned in at the end of the period.

Please note: You will not receive any credit for this assignment. However, you are still responsible for learning the material covered in class. This includes any quizzes, tests, or experiments.

It is unfortunate we have to resort to such measures. Please sleep at home, not in school.