Drawing Graphs with Microsoft Excel

  1. Open Microsoft Excel
  2. Change the view to Normal and adjust the zoom to 150%
  3. Enter the values for the x-axis and y-axis in adjacent columns on the spreadsheet. (Do not be concerned with sig figs on your graph.)
  4. Highlight all data-containing cells.
  5. Draw the graph. Click INSERT : CHART and choose an XY (Scatter) type of graph.
  6. Choose the MARKED SCATTER subtype. This will draw your graph with data points only.

    Add Best Fit Line
  7. Click any data point on the graph.
  8. Under the CHART menu, choose ADD TRENDLINE. A dialog window will open. Click the word TYPE on the left pane of the window. Choose the appropriate type of line.

  9. Click the word OPTIONS and put check marks in the boxes as shown below. Click OK to display the graph.Microsoft_ExcelScreenSnapz001.jpg

    Prepare your Graph for Lab Report
  10. Using the Formatting Palette:
    • Add a title to your graph (include your period & group #)
    • Remove the legend (if appropriate)
    • Label each axis and include measured SI units.
  11. Ask Mr. Skubis to help you print the graph.