Getting Started

Quest - Learning and Assessment

Obtain an EID

A UT EID will allow you to log into your PHYSICS HOMEWORK in the system. To obtain your EID, go to the EID page and select the "get a UT EID" option. Follow the directions provided there. (You MUST accept all cookies in order to communicate with the EID web pages.) If the system tells you that an EID already exists with your last name and birthdate, follow the instructions provided by the system.

Please store the EID and password in a safe place.
I suggest you send yourself an email with the info and keep it in your inbox.

NEVER create a second EID.

To reset your password: EID self help tools.

Enrolling in your Course

Open your browser and direct it to: Bookmark this website as you will visit it often during the course of this year.
When you view "My Courses", if you don't see any courses listed, click "Enroll in new course". Obtain the unique number for your class from Mr. Skubis and enter this when prompted. Mr. Skubis will be notified that you want to register and you will see a status message indicating that your enrollment is pending.

Viewing your Assignment and Submitting Answers

Choose My Courses to view your Physics course listing and then choose it to see the assignments associated with that course. Click on an individual assignment to see questions and a form to submit your answers. DOWNLOAD and PRINT your assignment. Work the problems. You do not need computer access to do the problems, only to submit answers. You can submit as few or as many answers at a time that you choose. Questions have many different variations, so your assignment will be different from another student in your class. Solutions to your problem set will be made available through Quest after the due date has passed.

All assignments have due dates and times that will be strictly adhered to. PLEASE NOTE: The WWW is notorious for having intermittent downtime. It is your responsibility to get your homework submitted on time. Waiting until just before the deadline to submit answers and then experiencing network trouble is not a valid excuse for missing a deadline.

For more details on Getting Started with Quest, visit the following link: .

Some Very Important Information about Numbers and Quest